Destroying Lawns, One Tunnel At A Time

For anyone that takes pride in the appearance of their property, (lawns especially) moles can be a huge detriment to your efforts. Even just one or two moles can wreak havoc on lawns and their root systems. This damage is the result of moles tunneling just below the ground's surface. A single mole can burrow and tunnel throughout an entire yard of an average sized property, which can make it appear as though there's an infestation. Although moles are active year-round, people usually notice a peak in activity during the spring and fall, especially after it rains.

There are two variations of tunnels that moles create in lawns. One tunnel lies right below the ground's surface. These are called “feeding tunnels” and look like raised ridges running across the grounds.

The second type of tunnels are deeper in the ground and allow moles to connect their shallow feeding tunnels. When the soil is removed from these deeper tunnels, dirt mounds are created on the ground surface which is a telltale sign most commonly associated with moles.

mole tunnels

Feeding tunnels in lawn from mole activity.

mole dirt mounds

Dirt mounds shown on lawn as a result of moles connecting feeding tunnels.

Mole Removal & Control Solutions

Getting rid of moles on your property can quickly turn into a long and drawn out task when DIY methods are attempted. The best and most effective solution for controlling a persistent mole problem is humane trapping.

Mole Prevention

Once a mole problem is resolved, it’s equally important to keep prevention in mind as well. Here are a few simple tips to help make your property less appealing to those tiny lawn destroyers:

  • Since moles are insectivores, keeping insects in check can help prevent issues. Check your lawn and garden soil for elevated amounts of grubs and other insects. Treating your lawn for common pests like grubs goes a long way.
  • If there are certain plants or flowers, you're trying to protect, digging a hole that is 2-3 feet deep, and lining it with wire mesh before planting will serve as a mole guard.
  • The same mesh wire method works for planting bulbs too. Making a wire cage enclosure for the bulbs will not only protect against moles but field mice and deer as well.

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